Very Metal

Our primary goal is to provide very metal programming to the smart masses.

Over the Internet

No matter where you are, we keep you informed and entertained. Web, Mobile, iTunes, anywhere.

1710 AM

If you are within range, you can use your AM radio to hear on your AM Radio.

Brief Bits

Real Radio

Real DJ's - Real Personalities.

LIVE DJ's will take you on a journey of the best (and worst) of heavy metal.

Not always live..

.. but still the best (and worst) of hard rock.

Our state of the art automation system delivers you the best (and worst) the world of metal has to offer.

Fairwood and Lakewood

on 1710 AM..

bringing hard rock and heavy metal to our area.

Metal News

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in the news

.. it happens fast - so we make sure to get it to you as soon as possible.